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Un Corazón al Fin del Mundo


Album dedicated to the Chilean idiosyncrasy, which presents a musical journey from its Spanish origins to the present day. It was created in response to the desire to leave a record for posterity, conceived by the pianist Hugo Llanos. It was recorded at the Auditorio del Complejo Andrónico Luksic in Santiago de Chile.

Many times demanded by the audience, today it is turned from a dream to a reality.
The work of a long time becomes in a physical result that will remain in the memories of each one of you.


The unique mixture between classical and folk music presents a rarely shown extraordinary feature, and this specific case reminds us of the cultural importance that this music has for the people of the end of the world, Chile. It also reveals how versatile an instrument of the classical world, the piano, can be, allowing it to be fully exploited for its lucidity, beauty and finesse.

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La ConsentidaJaime Atria / Hugo Llanos
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